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Summary of Sections


Section 1:  All About Agents

This section will cover who agents are, what they do for buyers and sellers, and

how they get paid. It will give the reader tips on how to find a good agent, and the best way

to work with an agent to maximize their real estate experience. It will describe real estate

agency and how it affects their transactions.



Section 2:  Show Me the Money

All aspects of financing a home will be covered in this section, including how

lending works, what lenders look for, the loan process, the types of lenders, and types of

loans. It will give the buyer tips on how to select a lender, how to decide which loan is best

for them, how much down payment to make, and how to analyze lender loan proposals.



Section 3:  Short Sale Anatomy

More and more people are being affected by short sales. The section will explain

what a short sale is and how sellers and buyers are affected. It will give the reader tips

and suggestions on how best to handle a short sale, how to get the best price for your

house and how to steer clear of trouble.



Section 4: Spotlight on Foreclosures

According to Barkley’s Capital, the number of bank owned properties is expected

to rise over the next 20 months. They expect it to peak in early 2012 and slowly decline

over the next 3-5 years, so foreclosure are going to be with us in a big way for a long

time. This section will cover how foreclosures work and how they affect homeowners. It

will give tips on how to handle the foreclosure process, the best time to buy a property

in the foreclosure cycle. and how to minimize problems while in foreclosure.



Section 5: The Art of Buying

Buying a home in the current market is a minefield. Financing is difficult, prices

haven’t yet stabilized, and economists are predicting another 3-5 years of turmoil

This section will give the buyer tips and reveal insider secrets about where and when to

buy, whether they should consider short sales or foreclosures, what types of offers to

make, how to minimize problems after going under contract, what type down payment

they need, how to handle inspections, what type and how much title insurance they

need, and how to save money on the whole process.



Section 6:  Selling Lessons.

Selling a home in this market is problematic. Prices have not stabilized and the

future Is uncertain. Foreclosures are still on the rise. This section will give the seller tips

and reveal insider secrets on the topics of how to determine a listing price, the best time

to sell, the type of listing agreement to use, how to handle marketing, what to do about

offers and counter offers, how to handle repairs, and what disclosures to use.



Section 7:  Investment Primer

Buying investment property can not only provide a monthly income, it can

serve as a retirement vehicle as well. But it does require a certain amount of knowledge

to get involved in real estate investing. This section will explain how to get started, what

types of properties to buy, including commercial property, how to finance and manage

them, and will provide many other tips on investing.